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Service Industry Confidential

Aug 25, 2017

Mike and Ashley are back in the kitchen discussing the importance of every job in the restaurant, particularly that of the dishwasher. Mike recalls several shifts where he had to be "the unsung hero" of the place as well as that time he worked the fryer for a shift with five minutes of...

Aug 10, 2017

Mike and Ashley are back in the basement for the sixth episode of SIC. One of the benefits of working in the service industry is the freedom and flexibility of scheduling. This week, freelance bartending is on the table as Mike and Ashley discuss working private parties, concerts, soccer matches, and music festivals....

May 19, 2017

Mike & Ashley discuss working Mother's Day in the industry, brunch in general, patio season, and what should be the official cocktail of Chicago.

May 4, 2017

Mike and Ashley discuss scheduling, working weekends as a bartender as well as the top ten worst bars in Chicago to take a first date. There's also a brand new "Great Jagoff Throughout History."

Apr 20, 2017

Mike & Ashley are back talking shop. This week, the two career bartenders discuss working Easter Weekend, the pros and cons of having a work spouse, and of course, another Great Jagoff Throughout History.